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Monday February 26 , 2018

Search Engine Optimisation

What good is a website if it’s not being seen?

Research has shown that as many as 90 percent of all sales on the internet originate from search engine results. Consumers are increasingly turning to sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN's Live Search to do their shopping and research. Google alone conducts 293 million searches per day!

Recent studies have shown that consumers are about 12 times more likely to buy your products and services after finding your site through organic search engine results than all other methods of advertising.

Why? When they perform a search for your business, using the key words used on your site, they are ready to buy. They are finding your site and your products at the moment of purchase - ready to buy!

Search engine optimization will help place your business right in front of the consumer's eyes when they are ready to buy. Your competitors are already using SEO to improve their search engine rankings...don’t get left behind. Page one is where you want to be and iBuddha can get you there!

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customer

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