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Monday February 26 , 2018


At iBuddha we appreciate that not all websites require the same hosting solution. To that end we can offer tailored hosting solutions to reflect the nature of the site, the level of support you require and the budget you are working to.

We offer annual hosting with a domain name from as little as £70 per annum or £10 per month. We use our own servers to provide you with the best possible fit for your needs. The price of your hosting will be determined by the amount of web space required, the level of support provided, the hosting platform required and whether secure connectivity is required.

The best way to illustrate different hosting packages would be to look at some distinctly different cases.

  • Case 1A photographer requires a website for his studio and wants to sell prints and electronic images to his customers from the site. As such he needs a secure SSL connection and a lot of disk space for those high resolution images. As this is a major element of his business he needs a high degree of support. The hosting required would be at the top end of the cost scale.

  • Case 2We had a customer with a simple website that didn't require huge amounts of disk space or any secure connections for e-commerce. They did though have a portfolio of blue chip customers and they wanted to ensure that their site and email delivery was live at all times. As such we sourced them a premium package with 24x7 telephone support.

  • Case 3We were recently asked to create a website for a small local business. The site was important to them but so too was their budget. As the site only had static content and no large files their hosting requirements were greatly simplified. With money a critical factor we set them up with a basic yet quality package for only £50 per annum.

We can offer both Linux and Windows hosting so we really can cover all the bases. If you would like to investigate your options further then please do get in touch for a initial fact finding session.

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Satisfied Customer

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