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Tuesday March 20 , 2018


A strong corporate identity reinforces brand recognition among your target audience. Get the same proven marketing results as the big corporations receive. With our help, your brand will get recognized - guaranteed.

What is corporate identity? Corporate identity is the pieces, aspects, ideas, methods and techniques a company uses to differentiate itself from the rest. When a brand is associated with a colour, a combination of colours, shapes, pictures, phrases, music, etc. a corporate identity plan has been carried out. It's proven that a company that has a consistent corporate identity is taken much more seriously than those that don't.

One major element of your corporate branding is your logo. Why is it important for your project or company? Logo design is the art of creating the graphic design pieces that - if well done - associate a certain combination of shapes and colours with a brand, an idea or a concept. The results of the logo design process will have a major influence in the entire identity of your project, brand or company, as the logo is the most important aspect and sets the guidelines (colours, shapes, textures, etc) that will be used for all subsequent graphic design work.

due of the above, it is of the utmost importance that the design process is handled by professional logo designers. Logos that are designed carelessly do not last in time, do not last in your prospective customer's mind, and usually end up being redesigned - with the associated cost of designing and reprinting every your media again.

Only real design studios like iBuddha can deliver logos that are state-of-the-art graphic design pieces at a very reasonable cost.

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Satisfied Customer

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